DBA/DoM Program

DBA/DoM Program

This course is accredited by A3ES.

Doctor of Business Adminstration

Accreditation A3ES Link

Decison: Accredited

Number of Years of Accreditation: 3

Date of Publication:: 21-04-2014

Registo DGES

Register number: R/A-Ef 1017/2011

Date of registration: 18-03-2011


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Why Choosing a DBA at BRU-IUL ?

The BRU-IUL Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) offers you a combination of several unique features:

  • Our school has a time-honoured reputation of being intimately linked to the business world and we actively support applied business research within a stimulating atmosphere;
  • All of our faculty members have held senior business positions, and are highly skilled at linking business practice to real management issues and applied research;
  • The program is specially designed to allow you to continue your professional activity while in the DBA program; the first year involves no more than 20 residential days, the second year 10, and the following years no more than 5;
  • The academic coursework is specifically designed to provide you with the concepts, methodological framework, empirical tools and instruments you need to successfully carry out your research project;
  • The program is designed to promote a strong, cooperative networking environment among DBA students through the exchange of ideas and experiences; this will, in turn act as a crucial contribution to the development of your project and allow you, and your research colleagues, to build and achieve common goals and targets;
  • BRU-IUL has a solid support infrastructure for applied research in terms of facilities, and data base accessibility.



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