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Name Luís Carlos Costa Pinheiro de Carvalho
Category Assistant Professor
Research group Economics
Last update 2013-09-18 10:51:24

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Game Theory ; Bargaining; Repeated Games; Game Theory in Networks


Type Course Institution Year
Doctorate degree Quantitative Economics Doctorate Nova School of Business and Economics 2013
Master degree Economia Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão - UTL 2004
Undergraduate degree Matemática Aplicada à Economia e à Gestão Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão - UTL 1998


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Academic activities


"Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry and Vector Analysis"
"Complements of Mathematics"
"Mathematics and Numerical Methods for Economics and Finance I" (Coordinator)
"Game Theory and Computation" (Coordinator)
"Advanced Topics in Microeconomics I"


Final Project

Eivind Høyland Helander, "International Marketing - Reentering the Chinese Salmon Market: A case study of Leroy Seafood ASA. ", Luís Carlos Costa Pinheiro de Carvalho, Final Project, Concluded, 2017

Scientific Activities

Scientific Articles in International Journals

Carmona, G. & Carvalho, L. (2016). Repeated two-person zero-sum games with unequal discounting and private monitoring. Journal of Mathematical Economics. 63, 131-138, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Carvalho, L. (2015). An alternative proof for Nash's bargaining theorem. Economics Bulletin. 35 (4), 2518-2522, Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). Perfect equilibria in replies in multiplayer bargaining. Journal of Applied Mathematics. 2013, ART248968, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)

Working Papers

Carvalho, L. (2015). Multiplayer Bargaining with Delayed Agreement. BRU-IUL Working Paper., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2014). A Constructive Proof of the Nash Bargaining Solution. Working Paper series - BRU-IUL. 1-11, Ciência-IUL

International Communications

Oral Presentation

Carvalho, L. (2016). A Perfect Equilibrium Concept for the Multiplayer Bargaining Game. GAMES 2016, the 5th World Congress of the Game Theory Society., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2015). An Alternative Axiomatization of the Proportional Bargaining Solution. Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal., Ciência-IUL
Guilherme Carmona & Carvalho, L. (2015). Repeated Two-Person Zero-Sum Games with Different Discount Factors and Private Monitoring. Lisbon Meetings in Game Theory and Applications 2015., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). Equilibria and Outcomes in Multiplayer Bargaining. Spain Italy Netherlands Game Theory Meeting., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). Multiplayer Bargaining. NovaSBE, IRW ., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). ?Perfect Equilibria in Replies in Multiplayer Bargaining?. Quantitative Economics Conference., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). A Constructive Proof of Nash Bargaining Solution. Game Theory and Applications,., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). Equilibria and Outcomes in Multiplayer Bargaining. Game Theory and Applications., Ciência-IUL
Carvalho, L. (2013). Equilibria and Outcomes in Multiplayer Bargaining. Association for Public Economic Theory Conference., Ciência-IUL

Other Activities

Academic Management Positions

Membro da Comissão Pedagógica da Escola de Tecnologias e Arquitectura (2015/2017)
Coordenador de ECTS do Departamento de Matemática (2017/2020)
Subdirector do Departamento de Matemática (2017/2021)