Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

The main purpose of the BRU-IUL Working Paper series is to promote the dissemination of the scientific work produced by our members.

The submission guidelines for the our Working Paper series can be consulted here.

Our Working Paper series is listed in RePEc.


Year of publication Author
bruwp1506 Márcio Telles Portal and Luís Laureano Rebound Effect of Allowance for Corporate Equity on Debt Bias
bruwp1505 Paula Vicente Mobile market research and the hard−to−reach consumers
bruwp1504 Marta Silva, Luis Filipe Martins and Helena Lopes Asymmetric labour market reforms and wage growth with fixed-term contracts: does learning about match quality matter?
bruwp1503 Luís Carvalho Multiplayer Bargaining with Delayed Agreement
bruwp1502 Hasan Engin Duran and Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes Determinants of Co-movement and of Lead and Lag Behavior of Business Cycles in the Eurozone
bruwp1501 Sandrina Moreira, Nádia Simões and Nuno Crespo A contribution to a multidimensional analysis of trade competition
bruwp1404 Ralitza Nikolaeva Post-shakeout Performance, Survivor Bias and the Meaning of Success
bruwp1403 Ana Patrícia Duarte, Daniel Roque Gomes and José Gonçalves das Neves Finding the Jigsaw Piece for Our Jigsaw Puzzle with Corporate Social Responsibility: The Impact of CSR on Prospective Applicants’ Responses
bruwp1402 Nebojsa S. Davcik, Rui Vinhas da Silva and Joe F. Hair Towards a Unified Theory of Brand Equity: Conceptualizations, Typologies and Avenues for Future Research
bruwp1401 Luís Carvalho A Constructive Proof of the Nash Bargaining Solution



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Administrative Coordinator: Rui Pinto
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