BRU-IUL (Business Research Unit)


Av.ª das Forças Armadas

1649-026 Lisboa Portugal


Office 2W17 (Building I)









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PhD Program

 Alessandro Segreto

 Early Stage Research Manager


 Tel: +351 210 464 019 (ext: 291902) 

  • Support to Pre and Post award project management, including search and systematisation of funding opportunities, financial affairs and reports
  • Design, implementation and management of internal communication through the BRU-IUL intranet 
  • Formulation, development and implementation of strategies aimed at the establishing partnerships with relevant stakeholders
  • Track and analysis of research outputs and knowledge transfer activities

 Andreia Garcia

 Science Communication Manager 

 DBA Program Manager 



 Tel: +351 210 464 231 (ext: 291904)
  • Management of the DBA Programs, including organization of meetings with the DBA Scientific Commission
  • Liaison with the Coordinator of the DBA Program, professors, students, and other services of ISCTE-IUL
  • Ensure the compliance of higher education activities, according to the institution and country rules
  • Support to the communication and image of the research unit, including website and social networks and scientific research content management

 Cheila Ramalho

 Research Funding Manager Fellow (pre-award)


 Tel: +351 210 464 019 (ext: 291905) 


  • Monitoring and identifying new funding opportunities 
  • Developing information tools to improve awareness among researchers about relevant funding schemes 
  • Providing technical and administrative support in submitting project proposals for competitive funding 
  • Preparing materials for periodic reporting and evaluation procedures

 Esmeralda Almeida

 PhD Program Manager 

 Tel: +351 210 464 193 (ext: 291903)

  • Academic Management of PhD Programs
  • Liaison with the Coordinators of the different programs, professors, students and other offices of ISCTE-IUL
  • Ensure the compliance of higher education activities goals, according the institution and country rules
  • Organizing and submitting payments and reimbursements in line with the Financial Policy approved by the Director of BRU
  • Reporting to IBS School of the main decisions [academic, scientific, pedagogic and financial]
  • Meetings with Ph.D. Scientific Commission


 Rui PintoRui Pinto

 Project Manager (post-award)


  Tel: +351 210 464 019 (ext: 291900)




  • Management of the unit’s strategic project, including preparing and managing the unit's yearly budget , keeping up-to-date administrative and financial records, liaising with FCT, and managing individual and group budgets
  • Post award project management, including financial affairs and reports
  • Management of all matters relating to the International Scientific, Advisory Board, Audit Committee, Scientific Committee, Director, Research Groups, Visitors
  • Meeting preparation