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DoM - China

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Number of Years of Accreditation: 6

Date of Publication: 21-04-2014

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Initial registry:R/A-Ef 1017/2011

Date of registration: 18-03-2011


Consolidating its over two decades cooperation with Chinese universities, ISCTE-IUL offers in Chengdu and Guangzhou two different Doctor of Management programs structured according to the legislation that regulates the Bologna process and focusing on two main areas: organisational management, in cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu); and Healthcare Management in cooperation with the Southern Medical University (Guangzhou).


ISCTE´s Doctor of Management effectively applies state of the art knowledge that allows to develop a sound and innovative understanding of management theory and practice and an ability on dependable research principles for the continuous advancement of management in a dynamic environment.


This research-based, problem-driven qualification prepares managers and leaders for professional excellence by significantly furthering professional skills through the most suitable conceptual frameworks.


The Doctor of Management is appropriate for all those with academic and professional experience who wish to pursue a doctoral degree while still actively engaged in their professions.


Since its foundation our school has been excelling in post-graduate education with close links to the world of organisations and highly regarded Master studies in both organisational and healthcare management.



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