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Research Group: Organizational Behavior & Human Resources


Group Coordinator: Sílvia Silva








Associate Professor at the Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour of ISCTE- Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

           Office: D427
           Telephone: 217 650 472



Organizational Behavior & Human Resources main areas of research: 

  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Human Resources 
  • Well-being 
  • Innovation 


The Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR) research group develops scientific knowledge to address social problems related to well-being and quality of working life, innovation and performance at work, while identifying potential intervention strategies for policy makers and organizational agents. It focuses on different levels of analysis: individual, team and organizational. 


i) Well-being, ageing and performance: studies person-organization fit and well-being, focusing on how organizations can be more productive and innovative while promoting employee well-being through different life stages. Attention is being given to organizational identification, support, wellbeing, job satisfaction, work-non work interface, presentism, creativity and performance. 


ii) Leadership, teamwork and networks: studies group processes and teams over time and contexts, analysing which team compositions variables and processes become critical to team ongoing performance and when. Team work performance, leadership, diversity, cognitions, affective-motivational processes, conflicts, negotiation and decision-making are relevant research topics. The dynamics of processes and states to explain team adaptation and performance trajectories are also studied. 


iii) HR Management and Organizational dynamics: studies how employees and human resource practices promote sustainable organizatio

leadership, health and safety, social responsibility, training, and entrepreneurship are among the main research topics. 


Main achievements 2013-2017: 

i) Research leading to the improvement of the quality of care and patient safety in European hospitals, to the prevention of psychosocial risks and to helping enterprises learn from accidents. This was the result of 3 European projects (ORCAB; QUASER; and RISKSINSMES), involving 10 universities and hospitals from 9 European countries; partners from 5 countries; and stakeholders from several organisations in 4 European Countries. 


ii) Computerised batteries and selection instruments with important implications in different fields of intervention were developed, namely the Computerised Multifactorial Memory Battery, and the Neuropsychological Battery for Multiple Sclerosis Assessment was adapted for the Portuguese population.


iii) Identification of practices that promote sustainable organizational development and performance, providing recommendations for job design and HRM practices that take into account age-related differences at work and help reduce presentism.



  • Integrated Member
  • Ana Margarida Soares Lopes Passos
    Ana Margarida Soares Lopes Passos

    Associate Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests: Team effectiveness, Team leadership, Team cognition, Team processes and emergent states, Team diversity, Multiteam systems

  • Aristides Isidoro Ferreira
    Aristides Isidoro Ferreira

    Assistant Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests: Presenteeism, Personal activities developed at work, Psychological assessment, Organizational development

  • Donatella  Di Marco
    Donatella Di Marco


    Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Francisco Guilherme Serranito Nunes
    Francisco Guilherme Serranito Nunes

    Assistant Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests: The determinants of organizational performance, Organizational identity, Leadership development, Management in highly institutionalized contexts

  • Henrique Manuel Caetano Duarte
    Henrique Manuel Caetano Duarte

    Assistant Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Jorge Sinval
    Jorge Sinval


    Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Mirko Antino
    Mirko Antino


    Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Patrícia Lopes Costa
    Patrícia Lopes Costa

    Assistant Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Sílvia Costa Agostinho da Silva
    Sílvia Costa Agostinho da Silva

    Associate Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests: Organizational Behavior, Work Psychology, Psychology of Occupational Safety and Workplace Health

  • Silvia Dello Russo
    Silvia Dello Russo

    Assistant Professor

    Research and Teaching Interests: HRM practices for development. HRM practices are investigated as a means through which organizations can foster and support individuals' development and motivation that ultimately benefit also the organizational performance. Single practices have been exp, Interaction individual-organizational context. Within this line of research a number of aspects of the organizational setting have been explored, together with their effects on individual attitudes (), motivations (e.g., motivation to lead) and behaviors , Work Motivation and aging. Several variables have been investigated as motivational drivers of individual organizational behaviors, especially job performance but also absences from work. These span more distal motivational drivers (e.g., personality trai

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