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Research Groups

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Name Emanuel Maximilian Gasteiger
Department Department of Economics
Category External/guest
Research group Economics
Last update 2014-12-15 13:39:40

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Monetary Economics
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Learning Theory
  • Macroeconometrics


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Academic activities


Master Thesis

Pedro Gustavo Campaniço da Palma Guerreiro, "Measuring Divergence/Convergence Within the Economic and Monetary Union", Emanuel Maximilian Gasteiger, Master Thesis, Concluded, 2015
Nuno Miranda Castanheira, "Fiscal Multipliers and Non-Separable Preferences in a Small Open Economy Model", Emanuel Maximilian Gasteiger, Master Thesis, Concluded, 2014

Scientific Activities

Scientific Articles in International Journals

Gasteiger, E. (2018). Do heterogeneous expectations constitute a challenge for policy interaction?. Macroeconomic Dynamics. 22 (8), 2107-2140, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Gasteiger, E. & Zhang, S. (2014). Anticipation, learning and welfare: the case of distortionary taxation. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 39, 113-126, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Gasteiger, E. (2014). Heterogeneous expectations, optimal monetary policy and the merit of policy inertia. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. 46 (7), 1535-1554, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Fragetta, M. & Gasteiger, E. (2014). Fiscal foresight, limited information and the effects of government spending shocks. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. 76 (5), 667-692, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)

Research Projects

National Government/ Organization contract research - Currency Competition: Leaders and Wars, ISCTE - IUL, Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes (PI) and Emanuel Gasteiger, ISCTE - IUL, EXPL/IIM-ECO/0817/2013, 2014/2015

Other Activities