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Name Mirko Antino
Department Department of Economics
Research group Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
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Academic activities

Scientific Activities

Scientific Articles in International Journals

Antino, M., Alvarado-Izquerdo, J., Asun-Inostroza, R. & Bliese, P. (2019). Rethinking the exploration of dichotomous data: Mokken scale analysis versus factorial analysis. Sociological Methods and Research. N/A, Ciência-IUL
Antino, M., Rico, R. & Thatcher, S. B. (2019). Structuring reality through the faultlines lens: the effects of structure, fairness, and status conflict on the activated faultlines-performance relationship. Academy of Management Journal. 62 (5), 1444-1470, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Vásquez-Echeverría, A., Antino, M., Alvarez-Nuñez, L. & Rodríguez-Muñoz, A. (2018). Evidence for the reliability and factor solution of the CFCS-14 in Spanish: a multi-method validation in Spain and Uruguay. Personality and Individual Differences. 123, 171-175, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Rodriguez-Muñoz, A., Sanz-Vergel, A., Antino, M., Demeruti, E. & Bakker, B. A. (2018). Positive experiences at work and daily recovery: effects on couples well-being. Journal of Happiness Studies. 19 (5), 1395-1413, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Montes-Maroto, G., Rodriguez-Muñoz, A., Antino, M. & Gil, F. (2018). Mindfulness beyond the individual: spillover and crossover effects in working couples. Mindfulness. 9 (4), 1258-1267, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Rodríguez-Muñoz, A., Antino, M. & Sanz-Vergel, A. I. (2017). Cross-domain consequences of workplace bullying: a multi-source daily diary study. Work and Stress. 31 (3), 297-314, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Nielsen, K., Antino, M., Sanz-Vergel, A. & Rodríguez-Muñoz, A. (2017). Validating the Job Crafting Questionnaire (JCRQ): a multi-method and multi-sample study. Work and Stress. 31 (1), 82-99, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Leon-Perez, J. M., Antino, M. & Leon-Rubio, J. M. (2017). Adaptation of the short version of the Psychological Capital Questionnaire (PCQ-12) into Spanish. Revista de Psicologia Social. 32 (1), 196-213 , Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Robles Morales, J. M., Antino, M., De Marco, S. & Lobera, J. A. (2016). La nueva frontera de la desigualdad digital: La brecha participativa. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas. 156, 97-116, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Leon-Perez, J. M., Antino, M. & Leon-Rubio, J. M. (2016). The role of psychological capital and intragroup conflict on employees' burnout and quality of service: a multilevel approach. Frontiers in Psychology. 7, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)
Robles, J. M., Torres-Albero, C., Antino, M. & De Marco, S. (2015). The use of digital social networks from an analytical sociology perspective: the case of Spain. Rationality and society. 27 (4), 492-512, Ciência-IUL, Indexada (SCOPUS/ISI)

International Communications

Oral Presentation

Rico, R., Gibson, C., Antino, M. & Mohammed, S. (2016). COORDINATION & PERFORMANCE: UNPACKING ADAPTATION ON FIREFIGHTER TEAMS. Ingroup., Ciência-IUL
Antino, M., Rico, R. & Thatcher, S.B. (2016). Structuring team faultlines to reduce status conflict. Academy of Management annual Conference., Ciência-IUL

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