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Research Groups
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BRU-IUL is organized into 5 Research Groups spanning the various key Business areas in a way that mirrors our multidisciplinary strengths:

  • Accounting, Marketing & Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resources

Given the great multidisciplinarity of the Unit’s research groups, collaboration across the different disciplines is encouraged. There are various examples of projects and research activities where complementarity across disciplines has been actively sought:

  • Project on corporate governance in medium income countries, integrating researchers from the scientific areas of Finance, Data Analytics, Organizational Behaviour, Economics and Marketing;
  • Project on public transportation for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area with researchers from the Data Analytics and the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources groups;
  • Collaboration between the Data Analytics group and researchers from the Accounting, Marketing & Management group on Marketing and Business applications;
  • Collaboration between the Finance and Data Analytics groups on classifying and clustering time series

Moreover, BRU-IUL’s commitment to interdisciplinary research has led to several collaborations with other ISCTE-IUL’s research units:

  • In collaboration with CIS-IUL – 2 projects on water management and on quality and safety in the hospital
  • In collaboration with ISTAR-IUL – applications for joint projects in the field of data science
  • In collaboration with CIES-IUL – work on complex data structures focusing on household health
  • In collaboration with Dinâmia’CET-IUL – research on multivariate data analysis with applications to economy

  • Another commitment of BRU-IUL is it achieve a higher degree of internationalisation. Indeed, in the period 2013-2018, our current researchers have reinforced their international collaborations at various levels:

  • Approximately 40% of international co-authorships for papers published in that period
  • 28 researchers have been visiting researchers or scholars in foreign universities and/or hold faculty positions in 58 Universities/Research Centres of 22 countries
  • 21 projects with international partners
  • Over 40 international awards
  • Involvement in organising committees and scientific committees of 138 international conferences
  • Involvement in some 10 international research networks

  • To learn more about each group, its coordinator and members, main publications and projects, please select a group in the scroll menu above.

    • Integrated Member
    • Abdul Kadir Suleman
      Abdul Kadir Suleman

      Associate Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests:

    • Alexandra Maria do Nascimento Ferreira Lopes
      Alexandra Maria do Nascimento Ferreira Lopes

      Assistant Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Open Economy Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Portuguese and International Economics

    • Ana Margarida Madureira Simaens
      Ana Margarida Madureira Simaens

      Assistant Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Strategic Management; Strategy, Social Economy; Third Sector; Nonprofit organizations, Networks and Systems Approach, Sustainability, Ethics and Social responsibility

    • Ana Margarida Soares Lopes Passos
      Ana Margarida Soares Lopes Passos

      Associate Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Team effectiveness, Team leadership, Team cognition, Team processes and emergent states, Team diversity, Multiteam systems

    • Ana Maria Portela Nunes de Sousa Ferreira
      Ana Maria Portela Nunes de Sousa Ferreira

      Assistant Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Researcher in Multivariate Data Analysis, namely Discriminant Analysis, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Symbolic Analysis. , Her main area of interest is Supervised Classification on Qualitative Variables, in particularly focused on the case of small samples and poorly separated classes. , More recently, her research is focused on explore the evaluation of Supervised Classification results, comparing several measures as, Cohen's Kappa statistic, Huberty index or others.

    • Aristides Isidoro Ferreira
      Aristides Isidoro Ferreira

      Assistant Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Presenteeism, Personal activities developed at work, Psychological assessment, Organizational development

    • Catarina Maria Valente Antunes Marques
      Catarina Maria Valente Antunes Marques

      Assistant Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Structural Equation Modelling, PLS-PM, Segmentation Techniques, Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis, Longitudinal data analysis, Tourism Marketing

    • Maria Catarina Salema Roseta Palma
      Maria Catarina Salema Roseta Palma

      Associate Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Water Management, Choice under uncertainty

    • Elisabeth de Azevedo Reis
      Elisabeth de Azevedo Reis

      Full Professor

      Research and Teaching Interests: Multivariate Statistics, Marketing Research, Surveys and Sampling Methods, Segmentation statistical methods

    • Emanuel Maximilian Gasteiger
      Emanuel Maximilian Gasteiger


      Research and Teaching Interests: Monetary Economics, Fiscal Policy, Learning Theory, Macroeconometrics

    Year Published:
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