Impact Activities

Impact Activities

In November 2018, BRU-IUL signed a collaboration agreement with ACT – Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (Portuguese Authority for Work Conditions) to implement a project on the evaluation of psychosocial risks at work. This project is being developed by researcher Sílvia Silvafrom the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources group.




In 2018, Nelson Ramalho, researcher from the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources group, was responsible for the design of scientific procedures and methods in an applied research project targeting the evaluation of social responsibility impact of a public institution. This project was funded by INCM – Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, within its framework for collaborative R&D projects, “Innovation Network”. 



In 2018,Nádia Simões of the Economics group has participated as an expert in the project “Ensuring labour market relevant VET”, of the European Centre of Expertise and the European Commission. She was involved in the process of comparing the characteristics of the vocational education and training systems of a group of countries of the European Union. 







In 2018, Ilídio Lopes, researcher of the Accounting, Marketing & Management Group, contributed as advisor for the Tribunal da Concorrência, Regulação e Supervisão(Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court), providing his expertise in judicial processes in the fields of Auditing, Accounting and Bank Supervision.  








Since 2016, Marta Bicho, researcher of the Accounting, Marketing & Management Group, has contributed as an expert in the regulatory group of non-conventional medicine of the national Health System Central Administration (ACSS).