Research Seminars 2019-2020

Research Seminars 2019-2020

The Research Seminar Series aims to provide, on a regular basis, an outlet for the formal presentation and intensive discussion of recent research by high-profile scholars with faculty, researchers and students.

These seminars are organised by subject and take place at least once a month during the academic year.


The initiative is scientifically coordinated by Isabel Lourenço


The seminars are open to the public. If you are interested in receiving more information on the seminars, you may subscribe our mailing list.

Field Guest Speaker Guest Speaker Afiliation Paper Title Date/Time Chair  Location Flyer
 Economics Carolina Castaldi   Eindhoven University of Technology   25/10/2019-14h00  Joaquim Ramalho Auditorium 0NE01-Paquete de Oliveira      
Hou Zheng ISCTE - PhD Student  
Family Firms Gavana Giovanna Università degli Studi dell'Insubria Study on the relationship between earnings management and CSR disclosure in family firm 


Isabel Lourenço  Auditorium 0NE01-Paquete de Oliveira     
Anna Maria Moisello University of Pavia  
Remedios Linares Universidade de Extremadura / Universidade Nova Lisboa The effect of socioemotional wealth on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and family business performance 
Inna Paiva ISCTE - Faculty Earnings management in family versus non-family firms: the influence of analyst coverage 
Quantitative Methods Cláudia Abreu Lopes United Nations University   06/12/2019-14h00 Paula Vicente Auditorium 0NE01-Paquete de Oliveira      
Anabela Delgado Observatório das Migrações  
Pedro Serrasqueiro ISCTE - PhD Student  
Operations     Sivel Alumur Alev University of Waterloo     21/02/2020-14h00  Teresa Grilo       
 Bernardo Sobrinho Simões de Almada Lobo Fac. Economia, Un. Porto   
 Sofia Kalakou ISCTE - Faculty   
 Strategic   Juan Vicente Fruet Cardoso Universidade de Córdova    06/03/2020-14h00 Álvaro Rosa      
Marketing Timothy Jung Manchester Metropolitan University    03/04/2020-14h00 Sandra Loureiro    
Mário Raposo Universidade da Beira Interior  
Rui Vinhas da Silva ISCTE - Faculty   
Accounting Panos Andrikopoulos Coventry University   08/05/2020-14h00 Isabel Lourenço    
Teresa Eugénio Instituto Politécnico de Leiria  
Ana Isabel Lopes ISCTE - Faculty  
Economics Armando Pires Norwegian School of Economics   05/06/2020-14h00  Joaquim Ramalho    
Paulo Rodrigues Banco de Portugal  


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Field Guest Speaker Guest Speaker Afiliation
Paper Title Date/Time Chair  Location Flyer Photos