Student: Lúcio Rapaz

Programme: DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Title of dissertation: O Terceiro Setor Necessita de (uma) Estratégia? O Caso Português.

Supervisor: Prof. Álvaro Rosa and Prof. Marina Andrade

Conclusion date: 2016

It was my great privilege to be selected for the only DBA program in Portugal. Compared to other, more theoretical PhD programs, advantage of DBA program is in its focus to practical issues. It is my opinion that the DBA Program has high quality, both at the level of the class contents and the faculty itself. At BRU-IUL the DBA candidate can find a team of experienced scholars who are always available to offer research support and guidance. I want to emphasize the crucial role of the knowledge, rigor and support provided by the DBA program faculty and BRU-IUL staff. Also, I would like to draw attention to the excellent library of ISCTE-IUL. Through the library platform I had full access to the most reputable research papers in the area. I would strongly recommend the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) Program in ISCTE-IUL, to all who have professional experience in corporate entities and who wish to contribute effectively to the resolution of the issues within the field of Economics.

Student: António Sarmento Batista

Placement: Professor at Universidade Europeia

Programme: DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Title of dissertation: O crédito scoring como técnica de medição do risco nas actividades económicas

Supervisor: Prof.Carlos Gonçalves and Prof. José Dias Curto

Conclusion date: 11-12-2009

I was the first DBA in Portugal, graduated by ISCTE-IUL in 2009, approved with highest classification, distinction and honours for my thesis which title is “Credit Scoring – A methodology to prevent and reduce bad debts”. This thesis was rewrited and published in a book “Credit Scoring” (2012) edited by Editora Vida Económica and used by some financial institutions for training their staff on consumer credit. In spite of, my long professional experience (more than 35 years), in sound international companies, I found in DBA by ISCTE-IUL a “key-door” for scientific research on financial fields. Today I am a teacher at Universidade Europeia | International Laureate Universities, since 2010, in charge of Scientific Coordinator for Accounting, Corporate Finance, Banking and Accounting Auditting.

Student: João Carlos Veloso Gonçalves Ralha

Placement: Management Consultant at VGR-Consultoria de Gestão Unipessoal, Lda

Programme: DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Title of dissertation: Perceived determinants of the managerial effectiveness of performance measurement in municipalities

Supervisor: Prof. Carmen Lages

Conclusion date: 05-03-2012

The ISCTE-IUL DBA programme was a learning and rewarding experience that allowed me to understand that knowledge is at our service if we know how to search for it.´ It turned me into a more prestigious and respectabe person, also in my area of work, the management consultancy. It had a high ROI and most important of all, I became a science knowlegeable person.

Student: Zahra Assaraf Ali

Programme: DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Title of dissertation: Empresas Familiares: Motivação de Colaboradores Não Pertencentes à Família na Hotelaria Portuguesa

Supervisor: Prof. Nelson António

Conclusion date: 06-10-2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank BRU-IUL for creating this flexible DBA programme, which allowed me to complete my doctoral degree. It gave me tools to keep studying practical issues grounded in a scientific evidence, that are of interest for my career. Had it not been for this flexible - yet not less rigourous – programme, I would have missed the chance to take up this significant study path, due to living abroad. The country I currently live in still doesn't have any such like Doctoral degrees, which I hope will soon be developed, in order to give more professionals great opportunities for growth.