DBA student donates 200.000 surgical masks to Iscte

April 07, 2020

On Sunday, April 4, a cargo containing 200.000 thousand surgical masks and 3.000 eye protections amounting to approximately 73,000 euros arrived in Lisbon, a donation by Ms. LIN Weifang, Iscte’s doctoral student and CEO of “China Meheco Guangdong Pharma Co. Ltd.”, a Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical company.


Considering the size of the donation and the needs of our country, with the student’s consent, the material was in turn donated to the NHS and forwarded to the Military Lab.


LIN Weifang is enrolled in the DBA Program, since 2013. 


“I am honored to be able to make this donation to Iscte, my alma mater and, in a way, assist Portugal in the fight against this epidemic” Ms. Lin Weifang said. “This doctoral program challenges geographic distances and is stronger than metal and stone. Truly speaking, we share the same destiny and the same future. With our joint effort we will soon overcome the."