# 22 December 2016
Happy New Year

The Business Research Unit Team wishes you a Happy New Year!
BRU-IUL Scientific Council Plenary - Director´s Election

The timeline for the electoral process, defined after consulting the Coordinators of the Research Groups and the Scientific Committee:

  • Announcement of the Plenary Session of the Scientific Council - 12/12/2016
  • Reception of the candidates and introduction of the program - until 16/1/2017 at 13.00h (According to BRU-IUL rules (article 31º) the candidate should present a short document with the proposition of the main program strategy for the research unit and sent to
  • Disclosure of program strategy outline of the candidates - 17/1/2017
  • Diretor election - 24/1/2017

Eligible candidates are allowed to vote during the plenary session from 12.00h to 13.00h, or after the plenary session at the BRU-IUL office 2W15 between 14.00h-17.00h.

Although only Eligible members are allowed to vote, I recommend that Associate members also participate in the Plenary Session.

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Upcoming Research Seminar Series at BRU-IUL

Research Seminar Series - Track 2

Title: Sources of the Union Wage Gap: Results from High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression Models
13 January 2017, 14h30
Auditorium Afonso de Barros

Title: To be confirmed
20 Januray 2017, 14h30
Auditorium 0NE2

Title: Asymptotic inference after using Akaike's information criterion for variable selection
27 Januray 2017, 11h30
Auditorium 0NE2 

Title: Investigating the term structure of government bond yields: A co-integration analysis
3 February 2017, 14h30
Auditorium 0NE1 

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Extended Deadline - 14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment

The extended deadline for presenting abstracts until 250 words is NOW January 31, according to publications procedures.

Communications will be welcome on the following topics:

  • Scale / test development
  • Psychometric studies
  • Validation studies
  • Normative studies
  • New instruments
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Attitudes
  • Methodology
  • Classical Tests Theory / Item Response Theory
  • Education
  • High Abilities
  • Assessment Centres
  • Selection Processes
  • Intervention Programs
  • Learning
  • Among other topics

The conference chair is Professor Aristides Ferreira from the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Group of BRU-IUL.

The Organizing Committee includes the researchers and staff from BRU-IUL.

We look forward to meeting you in Lisbon!

All further information via

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New Publications

From the Management and Strategy Group: 

From the Marketing Group: 

From the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Group:

From the Research Methods Group: 

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Happy New Year

The Business Research Unit Team wishes you a Happy New Year!

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Paper of professor Helena Isidro was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten

The Business Research Unit congratulates the researcher Helena Isidro, from the group Financial and Management Accounting.

The paper, "Financial reporting differences around the world: what matters?", was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: International Accounting, Corporate Governance, Law & Finance, International Corporate Finance, Accounting, Corporate Governance, Law, Comparative Law, Law & Society: International, Corporate Finance, Corporate, Securities & Finance Law, Corporate Finance: Governance, Corporate Control & Organization.

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