# 26 - May 2017
Upcoming Research Seminar series at BRU-IUL

Track 1

Title: Time for a Break?

The Importance of Recovery from Work during Non-work Time

16th June 2017, 14h30

Auditorium 0NE2, ISCTE-IUL


Title: Economic consequences of earnings and analysts’ forecasts management for multi segment firms

30th June 2017, 14h30

Auditorium 0NE2, ISCTE-IUL

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14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment

We are pleased to announce that the conference 14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment, will take place in Lisbon, ISCTE-IUL, between 5th and 8th July 2017.

EAPA tries to cover a broad variety of topics, such as diagnostic processes, assessment of personality, intelligence and behavior, observational and neuropsychological assessment as well as assessment in the different applied fields such as clinical and health, education, work or evaluation research.

The conference chair is Professor Aristides Ferreira from the Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Group of BRU-IUL.

The Organizing Committee includes the researchers and staff from BRU-IUL.

We look forward to meeting you in Lisbon!

All further information via

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XXIII Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística

The XXIII Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística, will take place in Lisbon - 18 to 21 october 2017.

Submissions deadline: 17 june 2017

The template for the submission is available for download in the website. (oral or poster communications)

The organizing committee includes the researchers Maria de Fátima Salgueiro, Paula Vicente, Teresa Calapez, Catarina Marques and Elizabeth Reis from the Research Methods group of BRU-IUL.

The scientific committee includes the participation of Maria de Fátima Salgueiro and José Manuel Gonçalves Dias from the Research Methods group of BRU-IUL.

For registration and paper submission use the LINK 

We look forward to meeting you in Lisbon!

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New Publications

From the Marketing Group:

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Scientific Award of ISCTE-IUL

The BRU-IUL congratulates the 55 Researchers of the Unit for being awarded the ISCTE-IUL Scientific Awards for Scientific Publications.

The Scientific Awards Ceremony ISCTE-IUL 2017 took place on the 2nd of June 2017, the last day of the ISCTE-IUL Research Week 2017.

During 2016, the 55 BRU-IUL awarded researchers have published a total of 100 different papers, with Quartile Scores Q1 and Q2 in Web of Science indexed journals and in Scimago Journal Ranking. Well done!

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2017 FCT Call for Scientific Research and Technological Development (SR&TD) Project Grants

The BRU-IUL congratulates the 27 Researchers of the Unit who were involved in preparing and submitting proposals for 2017 FCT Call for Scientific Research and Technological Development (SR&TD) Project Grants. A total of 12 research proposals were submitted, 9 of which with a Principal Researcher from BRU-IUL. 

Congratulations to our researchers: Álvaro Rosa, Aristides Ferreira, Carlos Pinheiro, Elizabeth Reis, Filipa Sampayo, Isabel Lourençio, Sandra Loureiro, Sílvia Dello Russo and Sílvia Silva for leading their teams forward!

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New Visiting Professor at BRU-IUL

Donald Truxillo will stay at BRU-IUL from the 5th June 2017 to 31stAugust 2017.

He received the Fulbright Management Award under the program Core Fulbright Scholar that selects every year an American professor for 3 months stay at BRU-IUL to reinforce scientific and training collaboration in management related areas.

Donald Truxillo is a full professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in the Portland State University.  

Prof. Truxillo's research examines the methods employers use to hire workers and the way that applicants perceive their potential employer during recruitment and hiring. In addition, Dr. Truxillo examines issues associated with age at work, including older worker stereotypes, and job design for older and younger workers. He also examines issues associated with antecedents of workplace safety. 

To get in contact with Donald Truxillo, please find him at office D416, or use: or

We welcome Donald, and wish him a successful and productive stay at BRU!

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Bolsa de Iniciação Científica at BRU-IUL

The Business Research Unit congratulates Henrique Fernandes Pereirawho won the Bolsa de Iniciação Cientifica at the ISCTE Research Week 2017, with the project "Reinvestimento em Educação: Retornos Salariais e Preditores".


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Menção Honrosa

The Business Research Unit congratulates Diogo Palpista Bárbara, who won the Menção Honrosa at the ISCTE Research Week 2017, with the project "Economia Digital dos Indicadores: Explorando bases de apoio à decisão”. 

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90 Segundos de Ciência

Helena Isidro, researcher from the Accounting Group at the BRU-IUL participated in the program 90 segundos de Ciência.

The theme of the study is: “Qual o impacto de mulheres em altos cargos administrativos para o valor económico das empresas?”.

To listen to the interview please click HERE 

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Past Events
2017 Annual APEEN Conference

The 2017 Annual APEEN Conference was held on 9th May 2017, at the Auditório JJ Laginha of ISCTE-IUL, Lisboa.

The conference chair was the professor Mónica Meireles and professor Catarina Roseta Palma from the Economics Group of BRU-IUL.

To see the photos of event please click HERE 

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Research Seminar Series (Track 2) - Guilherme Oliveira

Guilherme Oliveira, from the University of Amsterdam, presented the paper "Slavery versus Labor", in the Research Seminar Series at BRU-IUL, on the 26th May 2017.

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Research Seminar Series (Track 1) - Paulo Alves

Paulo Alves, from the Católica Porto Business School, presented the paper "Heterogeneous Narrative Content in Annual Reports Published as PDF Files: Extraction, Classification and Incremental Predictive Ability", in the Research Seminar at BRU-IUL, on the 19th May 2017.

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